Tekirdag Port

The area contined by the direct line connectin Kocaburun

Lat: 40º 50' 42'' N/Long: 27º 27' 30'' E

and the point where Derince stream meets the sea

Lat: 40º 59' 57'' N/Long: 27º 39' 5'' E 


Authority Turkish Maritime Organization (TDİ)
Phone: (90-282) 261 0800 Fax: (90-282 261 2346)
Harbour Master Phone: (90-282) 261 2025 Fax: (90-282) 262 9162
Turk Radio Phone: (90-212) 598 9526
Pilotage Compulsory (Berthing/Unberthing)
Phone: (90-282) 261 0800
Towage Two tugboats available Not necessary for vessels upto 2,000 GRT
One tugboat compulsory for vessels upto 5,000 GRT
Two tugboats compulsory for vessels more than 5,000 GRT
Storage Area Open: 19,550 m2, Covered: 632 m2, Grain Silo: 70,000 MT
Water Density 1.015
Additional Info Service is provided to vessels 24 hours a day. There is a RO/RO ramp avaliable. Also two jetties (200 meters from the port, one of them is unprotected jetty with conveyor belt system, only for loading) are available.
Airport The nearest airport is in Istanbul (138 km.)
Repairs Minor repairs can be effected.
Fresh Water Available via Serpen
Provisions Available via Serpen
Bunker Available via Serpen


5 343 m Unrestricted Sea Side 9.50 m
Shore Side 4.50 m
Cr. 1x5 t
Cr. 1x3 t
General Cargo
6 343 m Unrestricted Sea Side 9.50 m
Shore Side 4.50 m
Cr. 1x3 t General Cargo

Two Grain Pier TMO
640 m (Berthing Platform: 150 m) Unrestricted 10.50 m Conveyor Grain (loading only)




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